Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

From an early age, I had trouble to adjust to the human society. Humankind seemed a very strange race. I felt I had a different wiring but could not find any resonance. My wiring was discouraged and repressed and I lost touch with it. Where was the magic that I was carrying in my heart? At school, my main languages, emotional life and sentience, were discouraged. Looking around, the grey everywhere, the unattractive propositions of life, I lost touch with the divine.

Life on a very strange planet, an experience. I grew up in Belgium in a small town and was deeply programmed by family heritage, the education system, the social and cultural environnement, the music and movie industries. The connexion with my soul was tiny. My life was tainted with a lot of suffering and abuses in many forms, due to the heritage of my family lineage, the deconnexion from my body and life path and the ingestion of de-aligned outside influences based on distorsions and lies resulting in self-destructive and fear-based thoughts. These manipulative methods, weither used by the media, educational system or manipulative profiles, invited me to reconnect with my inner power. As I was able to merge with other people’s needs, emotions and feelings, I needed to become aware of my own boundaries. I had to learn the rules of the game. Desillusions and lessons were necessary to start to see the world as it is.

My spirital journey accelerated with the psychological decompensation that my mother went through, leading 2 years later to her suicide, and confrontations with deeply fragmented personalities, from various degrees of narcissism to the borders of psychopathy. This saturn return period of my life, from age 28, forced me to face my destiny and face a big initiation to start surrendering more to dive into my soul’s journey. The potential of growth of this chapter was equal to the suffering. My spiritual immune system was slowly waking up and was starting to reject the illusory social conditioning. Out of the non sense and out of the spiritual pain, I made an internal call for answers, a prayer to be shown otherwise, to access a wider understanding. Those times were brutal but necessary to lift the veil upon my ignorance, my illusions and my naivity and start to align with a greater divine love.

This major step, the first steps on a deeper esoteric quest, was the start of a process of reactivation and rememberance within me, of the crystal and indigo consciousness I was holding before facing all this kharma. I was starting to remember who I really was and to trust my perceptions: I could perceive when people were lying to themselves, and lying to me, without even knowing it. I became very good at spotting programming from the matricial reality that exists on Earth. This process came with unavoidable massive losses on all levels of life. The system itself was trying to put me back in line and discourage me with different tactics that I was becoming able to identify. Around me, others were not seeing through the different layers of reality that were now starting to be more evident to my perceptions, I had to leave behind most of my relationships because they were undermining my integrity. I was becoming able to perceive the energetic contribution to occult forces that were feeding off from humans and occasionnally have witnessed demons manifesting through fragmented narcissic personalities. This reconnexion to extrasensorial abilities that we all have includes the ability to vibratory recognize frequencies and their fields of belonging within people, places, crowd event and collective manifestation. The journey of deprogrammation also came with the necessity to cleaning my body vessel on a physical level and to deprogram it step by step.

My desire to understand led me to bigger topics to be able to make sense of my individual suffering that I was then able to relate to the collective suffering. Humans have lost contact with their spiritual nature. Weither through conscious or unconscious consent or through omission, we set and perpetuate our own imprisonment as a race.

The work I am sharing here is in line with my own evolution to the extent I am able to. Adapting to this Planet, inheriting as we all do parts of the burdens of my family lineage, I made a lot of decisions in order to survive. I am working on these obstructions to reclaim more freedom, documenting the journey and hopefully resonating with the outer world in a movement to lift ourselves up to higher places regaining and claiming back pieces of our freedom and sovereignty.

— Ariane