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Feldenkrais is an approach of somatic education that aims at the development of self-awareness through movement and, if necessary, re-education through movement. What are the limits that hinder our potential, engrammed in our nervous system? Through

Lujong Yoga ("lu" refering to the body and "jong" to transformation) is a form of Tibetan

The Initiatic Massage addresses not only the body but more importantly the being. Its creator, Philippe

Shocks we encounter every day leave a trace and crystallize in our bones. The Bounine method

An aura reading accesses information present in the field of a person. It took me a few weeks to integrate the information that was received. One year later, looking back, I found it to

A year has passed. Insignificance and strenght, an unstable balance, to understand the place I occupy

Journeying through Brasil has been of a new kind, the travel I could, so far, be

Launched in February 2018, Liberation is an homeopathic alchemical remedy aimed to assist in purifying karmic imprints, removing stagnant emotional debris and moving away from dysfunctional behaviours, patterns and relationships. It is made from the alchemical

November 2016. I was about to turn thirty. I had been preparing for this birthday for

Founded in 2005 by Lars and Tanja Faber in the Netherlands, the Sacred Journey is composed by over 90 people, 15 of whom are ceremonial guides (Iboga & Ayahuesca). This team takes turns to supervise the

Associating the expertise of Eduard Van Den Bogaert, homeopathic doctor, and Judith Blondiau-Van Den Bogaert, medical

The mediumic session facilitated by Samantha Lanrivin paves the way for deepening individual journey and healing.

Brought with sincerity, originality and subtle intelligence, the vocal odyssey with Nessi Gomes is an adventure

When I internally prayed for answers in terms of health addressing causes and not symptoms, I wanted to leave the passivity of a state of powerlessness. A whole year of research, experimenting and reprogramming followed. The

The masterfast is a complete protocol with pasteurised grapejuice, herbal tintures, windows of daily and weekly

Iridology is the study of the iris, relating to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and acidosis and toxicity.

In front of the conflict of interest in the fields of science and medicine, which bury

Anneke Lucas is a voice for shedding light on child sex traffic networks held by psychopaths in power or behind the scenes. From 1969 when she was 6 years old to 1974 (when she was 11),

A few years ago, I crossed path with a brilliant mind and a kind soul whom I