Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

From a very early age, I was able to perceive, feel and detect people’s internal pain, structures around which persons have built themselves, unconscious and hidden agendas as hidden potential, things that lay on the non conscious level. It is the gift of the sensitive empath, to feel the other as myself and act as a revealer, space holder and container during transformation processes. I sense emotions, thought forms and unconscious masks and can assist to realign things and share perspectives about hidden layers of reality, processes that are at stakes when facing a life challenge, during processes of purification, identification of core wounds and work on mind control division programs to go beyond abusive patterns. I offer assistance for inner reconnexion and relying on your own guidance system, towards a raw authenticity. I encourage self honesty and responsability on the path towards our sovereign self, looking for solutions outside of the conditioned mind and the 3 dimensional thinking, guiding towards more alignement with the purpose that is held within. Everything we need is inside of us.

Get in touch with me through the contact form if you feel called to work together so we can have a pre-talk around it and for you to feel if it’s a match. 50-minutes session will happen on Zoom – 85€. Face to face meetings are possible in Wallonia, Belgium. The website will be kept up to date with other geographic opportunities. Let me know about your time zone if you want to book a session.