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Mediumic session, Sky meets Earth

The mediumic session facilitated by Samantha Lanrivin paves the way for deepening individual journey and healing. Through a series of information received and read at some key energetic points of the body, such as the wrists, her therapeutic counselling allows to make great leaps forward in personal evolution.

During her third visit in Belgium in February 2017, Samantha Lanrivin welcomed me in Court-Saint-Etienne during 2 hours. As a Breton, she shares a special bond with this region of Belgium where she feels at peace. It’s after a difficult early start in life that she began opening up to the invisible: “I started to feel a connection with what goes beyond the visible. I clung to the idea with unwavering faith that something invisible does indeed exist with, a faith that there is something greater than ourselves, within us as for outside of us”.

As a channel of energy and information, Samantha potentiates the healing gift of her bloodline and acts like a relay on the paths of those who come to meet her. Her healing gift has been around for several generations in her family lineage: “My paternal grandmother used to cure certain types of meningitis. She had healing gifts“. Samantha continues to enhance her psychic abilities thanks to a spiritual guidance around the world, for example in Bali where “the energies are high and everything is multiplied”. The messages she receives manifest themselves in the form of voices she hears, presences she feels or images she receives. She can also identify the energy status of chakras by their color (dull or not) as well as their movement (swirling or not). She explains: “the coronal chakra is often blocked when the consciousness of the invisible, of the presences that can accompany us, is blocked. People thus tend to live in fear, control and lack of faith in life“. Information and messages can sometimes come to her before the session has even started: “I have learned to channel my gifts and set the framework in which I am working”. Those who come and meet her are generally at a crossroads in their life, in front of a decision to make or in the face of a blocked situation, in some cases related to grief and loss. The information channeled often allows consultants to cross over a deadlock situation, under the guidance of the Universe.

The mediumic reading

I arrive and Samantha presents me to the altar which is supporting her work: several card games and tarot decks with healing cards, a labradorite crystal transmuting negative energies, a novena candle of the Virgin Mary (that burns for 9 days and helps untie knots), an angel candle, a Buddha from Bali: “all of these energies are helping people for releases and liberations”. Samantha cleanses my aura with incense, invites me to make contact with my breathing and recites a purifying mantra. She explains to me that during the session she will receive information about me (concerning the past, present and future) by placing her hands above some of my body’s energy centers. I pull out an angel card to guide me on this journey: the angel of support. Samantha draws an other one for me: it is the card of healing: “this is what you’ll be receiving during the healing session. There is something to be healed within you”.

As I lay down on the healing bed, she makes crystalline sound resonate from a bowl and said out loud that she is connecting to the energies of the Earth (life force), nature (harmony) and heaven (intuition). She shares with me the first information she is perceiving from my aura: “what I am perceiving is a form of multicultural dimension, filled with various wisdoms and multidimensional radiance”. She continues by sharing a piece of information that will, later that day, be confirmed once again: “incarnation hasn’t been an easy process for you”. She pursues with information about the color of my soul: “a part of you is quite solitary although you’re surrounded. This inner process isn’t something to worry about. For a long time, this is how you’ve been journeying through centuries, with your little bindle through the ages”. This information will help me integrate this part of me that leans towards ermitage and to fully embrace it. “Your life path is evolution. If you refuse it, life will call you to order”. This call to order, I have strongly experienced several times.

A voyage within

After this, the session continues with information concerning difficult chapters of my life, a romantic relationship I got out from quite raw (represented by the symbolic of me being on my knees, being beaten) and a message from the afterlife, my mother asking for forgiveness. This information is important for my evolution providing me with keys of understanding. The messages that Samantha delivers are informative, liberating and healing: “You are an extremely solar individual. Despite everything you’ve been through, you’ve kept an optimistic side, a certain innocence. You are at the beginning of this link with the light you are carrying within. Continue working on yourself, it is the key”. At the end of the reading comes the image of Pied Piper of Hamelin. I will after do my research on this mediator who helps ease the transition between the world of the living and the world of the dead and who is gifted with remnants of shamanism. This flute player, at the service of all, sends evil, the rats, away, symbol of the negative linked to the consciousness of the city in another world. The notables and population of Hamelin refuse to acknowledge him and to pay him for his work. He thus takes their children away from the village. The citizens of the city end up realizing their mistake, baptize their main avenue in his name and build a stained-glass window as a tribute. A while later, a flock of gypsies arrives in town and many citizens think the older ones in the group could be the missing children. This card picking symbolizes the different milestones that have been overtaken and encouraged me to put words in face of impunity. The session wraps up with the picking of 2 cards: the mirror card that invites me to align with my life path, contemplate the steps that have been made and the unity card. During this session led with benevolence, I received numerous information about the uniqueness of my being, the skills that are within me, what lies ahead and my life mission. It has helped me to set firmer boundaries and dig myself out much faster from alienating patterns by trusting the gut feelings. This session had a great impact on my life and allowed me to make a step further in terms of healing and evolution.

A mediumic session is likely to open a door in the process of the widening of the consciousness. A work of integration remains important after any therapeutic session, healing circle or shamanic journey. Although the perception channels of the medium are often more opened than the norm, he or she remains a human being with his or her blind spots and unresolved wounds. I have often experienced the frequency of egotic construction around psychic gifts or the spiritual path. Hence the importance of remembering that it always comes down to our personal discernment when we are working with the received messages. At the gates of the invisible, all kinds of energies are waiting to get in touch with, and very often fool, humanity. How discerning is the therapist I am going to consult? What choices does he make with his gifts? Is it to serve based on the heart or to validate an image he or she has about himself? These questions always deserve to be adressed.

Samantha gives consultations in Paris and occasionally in Belgium,,

Therapeutic novel

Trained in psychotherapy, a Ayurvedic massage trainer, mandala painter, Samantha is also the author of an initiatory novel, “Au Coeur des Anges (At the Heart of Angels)”. This book is about a part of the life of Mary, who has been mourning for seven years the death of her great love Tristan and their daughter Sarah. The sky and the angels meddle and get involved for the sake of Earth’s destiny. The story, dotted with different voices speaking in “I”, like in a great theater piece, not grandiose but flamboyant, tinged with mystical and sacred touches, is subtly nuanced and imbued with a delicate sensitivity. This book shares with simplicity a message of hope and reminds of how important it is to make room for more consciousness in our lives. Every little detail counts and nothing arrives by accident.

The book is available on Amazon (french version): “Au Coeur des Anges” (2016) & orders can be made in your favourite bookstore. A paper english version is being prepared, please contact Samantha for more information about it.





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