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On negative projections and misunderstandings through social medias

There are lots of people I love and care about and who I don’t follow on social medias. Why? Because I am constantly dealing with the perception of underground programming, their programming.

It’s not my job neither my responsability to witness the fracture of the mind on a daily basis. There is no utility to be exposed to hundreds of mind controlled posts and expressions second after second. It eats time and it eats energy and attention. I am left with a lower vital energy if I allow it on my doorstep. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them. Those are two different things and people need to acknowledge the difference out of the wound of non recognition, the trap of victimhood and the spell of division through thought injections. These are tools of mind control. Many of these programs I perceived, I have dismantled in myself. I have also dismantled a lot of shame and guilt to be able to stand closer to my truth and take a stand for my mental and psychic well-being. I use my social medias in a more controlled way than the average, to potentialize the positive effects and diminish the negative ones. When I wasn’t doing so in my life, relationships and on social medias, I was unable to make my projects move forward, I was frozen under the distraction.
A lot of persons interpret that absence as a judgement and think there is a hidden motive behind the action. There isn’t. It is an action aligned with the understanding of how mind control tools do function and it’s about taking a stand to save time and energy from a distracting technique that functions very horizontally. I could spend all day long just feeling into the suffering and programming of the world. I have learned the necessity to manage my time and my vital force. Then comes their judgement and projection through the pain of not feeling validated, recognized or even loved. A story is build around the action; the mind is a trickster and distorts all that is real, as it has been taught to do. We see the world as a total distorsion, we don’t see it for what it is and we have been taught to see it in a certain way. It then stains our relationships with the same viruses and bugs. And so it goes.
I accept collateral damages. I know from my personal experience some of them are inevitable. They come from projections. If people are there in their process of projection, not able to take distance, not able to own their stuff, I know it’s not suitable for me to actively express, though I am psychically aware of what’s going on. Moreover, I constantly reevaluate my positions and change my subscriptions acknowledging where I am today and where others are in their journey. Nothing is set in stones. And sometimes it has to do with my own projections and I allow myself to take a break as the process is being processed within myself. Similarly, many people who love me are not interested by my online content. I doesn’t say anything about their love for me. On another note, I understand when a friend needs to take distance for a while and it’s their freedom to do so while they are processing their own stuff. It’s not personal and I admire them and respect them in their processes.

With love, today 💖 – Ariane

Quote by Laura Matsue: “It’s taken me a really long time to realize that I am completely responsible for how I treat people but at the same time not responsible for someone’s response towards me or what they think of me. It has taken me courage and wisdom to see that what people think of me sometimes has little to do with how I treat them but has more to do with something that I triggered in them, and an even greater wisdom to see the difference between when I can improve upon the way I treat people from their reflections and when I must stand firm in my actions in spite of the reactions of others.”





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