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Quantum Body Therapy & Initiatic Massage

The Initiatic Massage addresses not only the body but more importantly the being. Its creator, Philippe Mouchet, combines the revolutionary discoveries of quantum physics and the sacred dimension of the human body, for a return to a state of unity, autonomy and sovereignty.

4 years (almost day to day), I was coming to Philippe Mouchet’s consultation office for the first time. From 11.01.2011, date of my first consultation, until May 2012, he guided me to tame the first steps of adulthood before I embark on initiatic travels. He now has finalized the development of his new cabinet in the renovated annex of the majestic home that he and his wife, Joëlle Thirionet, have painted with harmony and love. From this sacred temple dedicated to healing and personal evolution, we can hear the birds singing.

The challenge of rising in consciousness

Prior the energetic work, Philippe shares some of his views about the world, with a refine analyze away from duality, and on the life challenges that every one has to go through. Our era is a turning point in the history of humanity and Earth. It is an initiatory crucible of extraordinary magnitude. To incarnate on Earth becomes synonymous for each one of a quantum leap of evolution. But the lessons that have to be learned often come with traumatic experiences. Massage is an appropriate language to communicate with our body consciousness. With the greatest respect, the approach of Quantum Body Therapy treats the memories recorded within the body by connecting to the fetus or the injured child in each of us, who will, through massage, be recognized in his suffering, in the core of the various wounds he carries in (betrayal, humiliation, non-recognition, abandonment, rejection, injustice). To be touched with a quality of unconditional love, in a state of mindfulness, is supporting the awakening process, the opening of the heart and the healing of deep wounds.

Here, the therapeutic work goes to the primary cause, the origin of the conflict, adopting the point of view of the soul in incarnation; with this perspective, a person comes to learn essential life lessons such as love, self-love, forgiveness, values ​​necessary for evolution. The soul may choose a starting point at the exact opposite of where he needs to go to (a toxic family to awaken to unconditional love for example). These are lessons to go through, a serie of tests that can leave heavy traces. Being immersed in this difficult context can lead to tremendous suffering, and the soul may never come out unscathed. To be completed, the process of inner transformation must go through the 3 steps necessary of healing: awareness, emotion release and cellular memory release. As long as we have not pacified or transmuted traumatic memories inscribed in our cells, they are endowed with a magnetic power attracting to them people or situations in resonance with the nature of the memory.

From the intellect to the body

If Philippe Mouchet is devoting his life to guide beings to re-inhabit their bodies, to descend into matter, it is because he himself has been cut off from his body for a good part of his life: “I come from a family where only the mind and studies mattered“. After studying communication and working for 15 years in health communication promotion, he gradually became a massage therapist and trainer. “In 1995 came two important meetings: the first one during an internship in Austria, was Christiane Singer who was formed by one of the closest students of Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, disciple of Jung. I there discovered body awareness. The second was when I followed a massage training.

To be touched was a revelation. However, I felt that during the massage, a whole part of my being was not concerned. I thought it would be extraordinary to experience or give with such a quality.

He continues: “For one or two year(s), I had the impression that something was maturing in me. One day during a vacation time with Joëlle, I took a pen and a paper and I started taking notes of a structure. It was the Initiatic Massage, its 4 levels of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and the specific movements associated with each of these levels. ”

An immense joy of having made the bridge between the being and the body was with me. Later, I had to make a choice. Life was calling me.

“In January 2005, I resigned from my well-paid job, symbol of security and recognition. I then devoted myself completely to teach the Initiatic Massage. Placing myself as a servant of life, to guide beings to reconnect to their deepest dimension, because I myself had suffered so much to be cut off from my body. “

From the body to the quantum dimension

By addressing our four levels of consciousness, the Initiatic Massage aims to create unity through them. Sometimes the massage will be deep and energizing, sometimes it will be soft and sensitive. During sessions, while Philippe was being confronted with situations pushing him to the maximum of his possibilities, he began to enrich his approach with new tools. This is how the Quantum Massage arrived: “It is a slow to hyper-slow massage given in a state of hyperconsciousness, so that each cell is deeply nourished. ”

On the energetic level, the Initiatic Massage consists in cleaning the blocked chakras, and the Quantum Massage aims to work on older memories (memories in utero lived during the pregnancy, kharmic memories active in the current life). The main difference lies in the type of energy channeled during the massage.

Return to the original state

To begin the energetic work that will last nearly one hour, Philippe Mouchet starts scanning my energetic bodies, feeling areas of resistance with more or less strong density. By accompanying his work with an “om” toning (the use of singing healing sounds supporting the energetic cleansing), he notes that the zones of the second (creative energy, sexual, anchoring in the material) and the 5th chakras (expression, listening, being heard in what we share and what we live) are cluttered. It is easy for him to deduce that my lower back is a tensed area: “the energy does not circulate well in the 2nd chakra, it blocks some nerves“. At the level of the laryngeal chakra, “there is like a veil, like a speaker that would return expression inwards, as if expression was parasitized by the fear of not being heard“, which sticks closely with the reality of what I am experiencing. During the energy work, while working at 10 centimeters from my body, I feel like a crack, as if one part of my body is being re-placed. This realignment restores a new degree of extrasensory perceptions; I will live, after this interview, several connections to the world of the deads.

Then comes the part of the massage for which Philippe energetically tests the one that will suit me today: a Crystal Quantum Massage, an extremely light massage on the border between the physical body and the energetic body. Towards the second part of the massage, the energy channeled is very strong and my mind disconnects. I am in an intermediate state:

 As they are channeled massages, we dive deeper into a state connected to the source that gave birth to us.

“It’s a bit like getting back into that state of inner lightness while getting in contact with density, the boundary between matter and light”. At the Ressourcements Center in Overijs, Belgium, a meeting place for expert therapists and a community who happily joins, sacredness is placed a the center.

More information on the massage training given by Philippe Mouchet and the activities of the Center:, drève de Bonne Odeur, 3090 Overijse, Belgium, +32 (0) 2 657 65 37,





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