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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Aria Persei comes from the desire to serve a greater purpose, to add value in this world through the sharing of my life experiences, in the hope to create an echo, find a resonance. In me, there has always been a very stubborn drive that keeps pushing forward, keeps researching. Precious years went by, diverted time, slowed down evolution as I was lacking the key skill of discernment. Through the reconnection to intuitive perceptions, I was able to question the way reality has been presented to us since our physical senses perceive only a tiny fraction of the magnetic spectrum. In the three-dimensional confinement that was presented to me as reality, I always felt locked inside a cage. My research brought me down into the depths of the human mind and body, as I was asking for answers and had the desire to transcend difficult chapters of my life.

It led me to realise that everything that we have learned or that has been sold to us has to be revised and that true reconnection is only possible through oneself. It led me to question what was really going on in the world on deeper levels, levels that stay hidden from material perception. And to understand that other forces are thriving from the energetic food supply created by human suffering. Humanity is in fact a gigantic energy generator. Centuries of conditioning have made humans adopt very predictable behaviors. Values have been insidiously inverted; history of mankind has been falsified. Immoral and unethical values are widespread; scientific knowledge has been corrupted and biased. The vast majority of human thoughts and beliefs have been designed by others: the human mind is very suggestible. The hypnotic trance is global. Elite powers, both visible and invisible, are encouraging humanity to stay in unconsciousness, ignorance and spiritual immaturity. These programs are built in a way to offer the guarantee of predictable reactions from the masses, in alignment with the controllers will. The propagation of these programs result in various degrees of fragmentation within the human soul and through them, anti-life agendas are being fulfilled. I got personally interested in the theme of soul fragmentation due to multiple exposures to various degrees of narcissism or psychopathy (with demonic possession). This was the real start to realise the extent of the fragmentation within each human mind, including my own. I had a desire to see further than the victim/persecutor agenda inherited from generations and generations and to find ways to reclaim my own sovereignty.

Progress in vibratory discernment has been a major key not to fall again for all the traps on the way towards consciousness, awareness and awakening. Learning to trust my perceptions beyond my five senses has been central to my evolution. Starting to recognize the vibration (within people, information or teachers and guides) has been helping me to change the way I am living my life. I learned not to be an endless receptacle that takes everything in.

The realisation that my body was greatly damaged by life on Earth and that I had completely underestimated how much it had been affected followed. As we land here, we enter the matrix with its numerous poisons in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medical “assistance” we receive, as for vaccines which weakens generations and generations. I am touching the first glimpse of rebuilding myself at a cellular level. The reconnection to the body comes with new skills: inner trust, reconnection to the intuition

and inner knowing, embracing processes in their polar forms and learning to differentiate the negative ego distortions. As I was starting to dig into the cause of experiences of abuse and cyclical suffering in my life, I realised that it was humanity as a race who is constantly violated. Agendas of fear, division, comparison, confusion, chaos and apathy are, overtly and covertly, being played out in the world and are injected in our lives at individual levels. Everything is done to keep us disconnected from our body intelligence and our spiritual nature by staying trapped in the mind. The increasing technology is there to distract us and to keep us trapped in a mental prison. The truth is inside of us for those who inquire to become able to recognize which frequencies they are interacting with and giving consent to. The proposition of these ascensional times is to collectively reconnect to our spiritual nature, answer the call and end associations with frequencies that are not aligned with the universal laws.

On the path to spiritual growth, I encountered many traps of disinformation and distorted spiritual beliefs and I became very skilled in spotting them. I also became aware of the way distraction is sent in many forms to slow down evolution, sucking out of hours of the days, leaving us with feelings of anxiety and powerlessness. The traps in which I fell provided enlightened warnings. I always found my way out. Fascinated by the whole process of self-exploration and healing, I share here how I work on re-educating my internal structures and on demystifying erroneous myths and how I try to unmask my illusions and false projections by observing my thoughts at subtle levels.

The realisation that every word, every thought and every action has consequences and is participating in the creation of the world as it is is central. We are constantly sending energy that impacts others without realising it. This energy has an impact on creating the future of our collective timeline, on validating wars that happen far away, on validating the execution of hidden networks of paedophilia, human trafficking and sexual misery. I am sharing my dedication to work on myself for liberation and freedom from visible and invisible ruling forces and to withdraw consent to programs of misery that are bringing chaos on the planet. Our civilisation is invited to wake up to its true nature, its true history and its true responsibility after centuries of enslavement.

Each of us came with a specific color and special mission. Freedom does not lie in the projection of our discomfort onto the world. Times of distractions, addictive behaviors and endless dramas are over for those who whish to open Pandora’s box. Once opened, it can not be closed anymore and leads us inevitably to question the world around us and our own belief structures, and to come to essential questions: who I am and what have I come here for? Am I aligned with the potential that resides in me? How much have I forgotten? By reconnecting pieces of fragmentation of our wounded selves, a return to the sovereign self can point to the horizon.

We are many to dive into the evolution process, rewiring ourselves.

For the love of Truth and Knowledge

— Ariane


Please acknowledge that it is not because I mention a therapist or a healing modality that I recommend it or them. Everyone has their shadow side through which complication can infiltrate. This kind of work of discernment has been very prevalent in my life, and still is. What was fitting my life a few months ago is often no longer fitting. We are forever evolving. Every minute, every second. I can see clearly the reason why there was glue, once upon a time. My discernement is under constant sharpening. The lessons have to be experienced in order to be learned. Many times, it took time and energy to excavate spells that were keeping me tied to teachings or teachers. I invite you to follow your own calling and take full responsability for your path, taking my sharings only as a source of inspiration to connect to your own truth.


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