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While there is a real boom around workshops in 'sacred' or tantric sexuality, there is no doubt it's important to open the space to discuss these major themes in our lives. Nevertheless, it's very rare to

Forrest Yoga is an intensely physical and internally focused yoga practice that has charmed me by

Lujong Yoga ("lu" refering to the body and "jong" to transformation) is a form of Tibetan

Feldenkrais is an approach of somatic education that aims at the development of self-awareness through movement

From a very young age, I understood the depth of keeping a clean vessel and a clean space around me. Along the years, I have been finding a balance between respecting my degree of sensitivity and

There are lots of people I love and care about and who I don't follow on

An aura reading accesses information present in the energy field of a person. Following this session,

A year has passed. Insignificance and strenght, an unstable equilibrium, a journey to understand the place

November 2016. I was about to turn thirty. I had been preparing for this birthday for over nine months, surrendering to it, getting ready to embrace a new era. This year came with such a big

Launched in February 2018, Liberation is an homeopathic alchemical remedy aimed to assist in purifying karmic

Savior complex, people-pleasing and victimhood consciousness: confronting shadows as a way to open new doors for relating to reality [vc_empty_space height="20px"] A few years ago, Saturn Return came and cracked my whole reality open, my perceptions about

As I was becoming observant of my own triggers, I became aware there was something dodgy

Today, we have the incredible opportunity to be invited to end cycles and generations of rancor

Founded in 2005 by Lars and Tanja Faber in the Netherlands, the Sacred Journey is composed

The vegan movement, as for the yoga movement, is being socially engineered and infiltrated from the top in the aim to mislead humanity into further division and to anchor more shame and guilt into our veins.

We live in a world of increasing toxicity. Many of us are called to take radical

When I internally prayed for answers in terms of health addressing causes and not symptoms, I

The masterfast is a complete protocol with pasteurised grapejuice, herbal tintures, windows of daily and weekly

The day I discovered a part of Adapia D'Errico's starlight and story, I had goosebumps witnessing her sharing her path with raw authenticity: « My story healed me. Our stories heal us. We can all learn from

Anneke Lucas is a powerful voice which sheds light on child sex traffic networks held by psychopaths

A few years ago, I crossed path with a brilliant mind and a kind soul whom I