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Overcoming child sex slavery: the courageous story of Anneke Lucas

Anneke Lucas is a powerful voice which sheds light on child sex traffic networks held by psychopaths in power or behind the scenes. From 1969, when she was 6-year old, to 1974 when she was 11, in Belgium and in other countries including the US, Anneke was used as a sex slave by high-rank white politicians, prime ministers or presidents. No one ever said no. Nowadays, children are a valued commodity within these networks that exist behind closed doors. The most atrocious acts take place in the most beautiful and expansive mansions of the world. Anneke now rises awareness around the theme of psychopathy and especially around the need to scrutinize our own internal power dynamics.

Part of the data from this article was gathered from the interview of Collective Evolution by Richard Enos which was released beginning of 2019. In this 4-part interview, Anneke Lucas revealed her detailed experience as a child victim of a murderous pedophile network, with the worst atrocities that one can imagine, including rape from age 6 to 11 by more than 200 men and spiritual, psychological and physical torture. As a child she was sent to orgies. So many are just turning their heads the other way for it is hard work to open our eyes to the world as it is and what trully happens behind the appearances and the facades of the wealthiest. Accepting the reality of these traumatic experiences, it’s also having to come to terms with the fact that some people do not feel an ounce of empathy or mercy for other fellow humans, and more importantly for innocent children.
A childhood as a sex slave

Anneke Lucas was favoured by 2 important perpetrators. As she was spending time with them she got to understand better their psychology and their twisted minds. Her first perpetrator (a father figure for her young perceptions) was a social engineer who was controlling high-rank politicians. He was working behind the scene to put out a dark agenda that links back to the Vatican and is perpetrated centuries over centuries. She was sent to Germany where she was submitted to tests and trainings that were proving to have a great knowledge about how alters can be called out within the fractured soul. Associations were created in her (as encouragement to kill herself under certain conditions) while she was being sexually stimulated. Heavy programming was installed on her, to install the belief that she was a whore, the lowest of the lowest. Through her experiences within the network, she became very good at spotting certain features in men, or a man’s weakness and to know what they were about sexually.

In the network, children learned to avoid bonding with each other: they were afraid to suffer even more by taking a risk to love someone who could very quickly be taken out. If they were showing empathy to one another, they were severely punished. Over the 5 years Anneke was there, she witnessed children being killed. At heart, she always cared for these innocents, while she wouldn’t consider herself has having any kind of innocence. She was used for the VIP guests and had to make the guests feel confortable while compromising photos were taken and could be used as blackmail. During the nineties, in Belgium, the case of Dutroux was covered by the media for several months. Dutroux did say he had friends in high places and he also did mention a network before revoking his declaration. (Additional note: Thirty people died during the investigation who had potential proof of the existence of the network. These suspicious deaths are put in a book by Douglas de Coninck.)

Transfer of trauma
Another perpetrator she refers to as ‘the gangster’ stabbed her in the leg, slept with her mother in front of her and treated her with extreme violence. She would later learn he was raped by both his parents as a very young child. As other children were made to torture her with the final aim to kill her, she had a mystical experience of loving guidance and help, perceiving beings as forms of energy outside of the polarity of good or bad. The gangster made a sacrifice to save her life and lost his power in the network. On the last occasion they were in each other’s presence, he confided his story of abuse with shame (he had been stabbed by his father at age 12, he was a victim of incest by both parents). Before leaving, she had to pay a heavy price for her freedom: she had to stab another young girl to death. She then lived with an excruciating guilt. She was released with instructions on how to live her life (stay away from addictions, no sexual services against money, advice to leave the country, marry a man from a wealthy family and keep silent about the network).
Anneke’s mother was on the side of the perpetrators. Born in 1939, her mother was an extremely traumatized being. Her father was a prisoner of war in a concentration camp. Her mother died when she was around the age of when Anneke was given away to the ring for the first ime (5 or 6-year old). There is no doubt the mother had been sexually abused. She would continue to act like an oversexualised 5-year old who would project her self-hatred onto her own daughter. Once, to punish her, the mother stopped giving Anneke food for one month. She also would drive her back to her perpetrators even after Anneke was set up free. As a toddler Anneke also remembers receiving unconditionnal love from a woman who was her caretaker.

The path towards healing
After living in London, Paris and New York as a young adult, Anneke moved to Los Angeles where she began therapy, yoga and meditation. In 2013, she started to speak out about her story, after a huge work on making buried memories come back to surface. She remembered how she was trying to connect with her abusers and how their consciousness were merging with each other on both side of the polarity victim/perpetrator. She also developed Stockholm Syndrome, a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. From age 11 to 49, she carried the burden of the guilt complex and the fear of being called out as a perpetretor herself for what she had been forced to do. Anneke now rises awareness around the need to scrutinize the dynamics of power within ourselves, to go inside first, looking at our own internal structure, for the external structure not to have such a strong grasp on us.
Psychopaths in power
By the time they arrive in power, by the time they arrive to a place they could make a difference, all politicians have completely sold out. If they haven’t, they are out or they get killed” Anneke says. “There is no way to end up at the top with a good heart. The current leaders are the same as they were in the 1970s. The more you rise, the more you had to give your integrity up. The higher you are, the more compromised you are too. It’s naive to think that people in authority can actually make a change. Our leaders are emotionally infantile but they are very smart. Psychopaths are very sick and we all have been injected with that sickness. Growing up is a lot about not feeling and staying ignorant of oneself and ignorant of the true nature of the non physical self.” No wonder the world is the way it is with worldleader psychopaths with great intellects and an addiction to power. We are electing abusers and giving consent to being abused as a race.“For all abusers, there is always a contract. It’s like they are looking at parts of themselves, a part they need to reject, villify or judge. It’s what they are afraid of in their own consciousness. In my story, whatever those perpetrators were asking, it was always coming from a very young part of themselves. If each person becomes empowered from within, there will be no need for an outer authority that lays down the rules and abuse their power” Anneke says. “The weak people have power and perpetrate the structure of power abuse that requires a whole section of the population to be suffering. There is no real democracy. We want to make you think that you have power through your vote. But know there is no difference whatsoever through the act of voting. By doing so, you are just going along with the system. It’s not a democracy, it is a satanic group of people who feels entitled. Amongst them, arrogance is the most prevalent characteristic. Arrogance is a pointer that there is pain inside that hasn’t been dealt with or resolved.”

The context of the 1970s in Belgium

Let us question those who politically run our countries and the macabre games of power and ego that hide behind the doors of castles and secret VIP parties. An article (link) reveals a lot about the background and context of what was going on in Belgium when Anneke Lucas was trafficked in the 1970s. It is not difficult nor imprudent to extend these conclusions to what’s happening in our current governments; access to power is still governed by corruption. Let’s open our eyes to the real face hidden behind false smiles, pretense, deceit and manipulation. Anyone who has experienced insidious manipulations can understand the complex scope of the projection of childhood trauma and the dissociative process that results from such atrocious treatments.

Getting out of victimhood consciousness

Anneke worked for decades on her recovery and healing. She has faced the desire for revenge having been confronted with pure evil. This experience made her understand killers and why they would get addicted to that moment of intense dissociation and projection onto the victim. When she herself was made to kill, she experienced it as if she was killing herself in her mother’s womb: “every killer is symbolically killing a part of themselves.” A therapist held a safe space for her and honoured her experience sincerely. Other people also helped her to shake the biased conception of the structure around power she inherited from her traumatic experiences and to recollect the pieces of her altered identity. Anneke started to get into the feelings (the horror, the pain for others and the betrayals) of her experiences. Her testimony and understanding of human psychology show how traumatized and fragmented souls repeat and project their traumas outwards. In those networks, victims carry all the projections of the perpetrators, leading to tragedy. Having done profound work to get herself out of the brainwashing, Anneke explains very well the dissociation happening through trauma and how the mind gets split into alters. Her work is also focusing on dissociating from victimhood consciousness: “the moment you think you are the victim, you are setting yourself up to harm someone else.” Anneke also raises awareness around what’s happening when we are admiring someone. We are then putting them up on a pedestal and sending energy out through this projection. The person can then look more beautiful, it’s a pleasant vibration, a bit like a heroin shot. True relating happens when we are both considering ourselves equals.

For a while after her exile, Anneke needed to keep everything secret while feeling her life was constantly in danger. In her teens, she met people who did meet the healing criterias that she will be sharing in her book about the Unconditional Model (2020). These encounters could help her break the shell, they were non judgemental and liberate her from the hopeless paradigm of verticality. As soon as we look down on someone else, it’s like we are looking at parts of ourselves from a fragmented place. There is not just one way to achieve things and not pushing things onto someone else allows the universal greater plan to take action. The dynamics of power are to be found in numerous variations. It can be gender related with men looking down on women for example when sometimes it’s the only privilege there is left for them to stick up to. These privileges (physical ability, external privilege, education and so on) can be used in order to avoid the pain of feeling our trauma and it certainly keeps feeding the agenda of the controllers with a sense of victimhood and disempowerment. Anneke says : « I don’t want anybody to feel sad for me. When you experience the feelings that have been repressed in those traumatic moments, the integration happens, the self becomes more whole, the magic of changing on a cellular level allows you to see the world with a different view. I don’t feel like a victim at all, all of my work is about helping people. I am not saying I don’t have a lot of parts inside of me that feel they are victims and feel they are still in that place. There are many. As an adult, I connect with those and nurture them, give them what they need. »  

Educating ourselves about trauma, shadow projection and mind control, project Monarch and MK Ultra helps a lot. Even if our personal histories didn’t confront us as directly to radical psychopathy as it was the case for Anneke Lucas, we all have been undirectly exposed to certain degree of mind control through mass media and agressive publicity and the education, medical and justice systems. While we are projecting our own delusions onto the world, we are unable to see sociopaths for who they are and we are believing in deception. Those things need to be talked about, not in a way to create more polarity and reinforce the triangle of victim/saviour/persecutor but in a way to be able to recognize what is taking place, recover fragmented parts of our minds and reclaim where we have been delegating our consent that leave room for such things to happen. We are being tricked and duped every day in countless ways ; denial and cognitive dissonance are mechanisms of protection of the psyche but when their utility as protective mechanisms has ceased, they transformed into a tomb.

Today child abuse is being normalized. Caution is required in the field of spreading distorted ideas around the sexuality of young children. The last ten years, I have witnessed how the virulence around these matters has increased with the programming becoming more and more aggressive and more overtly displayed. Nowadays, pedophiles are protected by laws. They don’t get really serious sentences. We need to speak out about what’s really going on in the world, feel the fear and speak out anyway. Anneke Lucas’ approach is not to give names away as she focuses on having a greater impact onto the world. Her work would be slowed down by the drama or law suits that could result around name dropping. Many people can’t comprehend how somebody gets to the point where they would do horrendous things like that. When confronted with the cruelty that some fellow brothers and sisters have had to face in their lives, people will react from whatever place they are at. The inner work consists of observing the triggers and integrate them through self-work. As we are rising in awareness the world is already changing through us.

On sexual abuse in the yoga field and denial

Through her healing journey with yoga, Anneke met different types of gurus and was once more sexually assaulted. She wrote publicly about it (link) and opened a space for expression in the yoga community : « denial can be really strong, so strong that when victims start to speak up about a guru, followers staunchly defend him, deflecting his behavior and blaming the victims. Why is it so difficult to wake up from denial? Because the reality – that this guru, or this original authority figure, never loved you at all, is the opposite of what you had to believe to survive. To wake up from protecting a fake guru, you need to allow yourself to know that everything you valued in life was a sham, that your guru had no special powers, that he got high on the love you gave to him and exploited you and everyone else who came near him. To wake up from protecting a fake guru, you have to look at the pain of your deeper past you’ve been escaping your entire life, an escape in which you found this guru, perhaps your career, and found yourself in a constant, familiar repetition of emotional strands of your unresolved childhood trauma, through what you believed you got and the emotional repetition of what you did not get. To wake up means that you have to acknowledge that your entire life has been invested in something entirely worthless, and that you didn’t grow spiritually as you wanted to believe, but instead you were spiritually and emotionally stuck. »

Denial is a mecanism of protection to survive. In one of her blog entry, Anneke writes : « what is denial? It is a state of incomplete trauma. It is the condition of being stuck in the very first stage of unprocessed trauma: shock and disbelief. It is the prolonged inability to believe that the parent you believed loved you, only used you. Denial precedes healing. Denial gets projected onto everything concerning love in adult life through power dynamics. (…) Denial to some degree is necessary to survive in a world that in this moment is still run by psychopaths, structured to help them better exploit us. We cannot fathom that the main tool holding the Western Capitalist system in place is pedophilia. It is too difficult to believe the things psychopaths do- it is too extreme, too far-fetched. We can’t fathom that the gurus and other sexually abusive leaders of smaller power structures are successful because they copy the abusive behavior of the world leaders, only in minor ways, and that this is the reason it is so hard to create change. It is easier to stay in denial, to blame victims and see them as perpetrators, and to follow along with the vertical power paradigm and replace that lack of love with power and privilege. It is through denial that each person becomes personally responsible for the world’s darkness. Thankfully, there are increasingly more people with enough courage to begin to change. There are enough people who can face the monsters of their own past and break free from their childlike view of authority figures. There are more and more of us waking up from our denial. »

Anneke’s contribution
Anneke isn’t done with her healing journey, she still gives the perpetrators a little bit of power, sometimes. Her courage and life devotion to recover her memories and overcome the victim/perpetrator consciousness are inspiring. Today, she is the founder and Executive Director of Liberation Prison Yoga, a non-profit organization based in New York. In addition, she is now helping lots of women who have been facing different kinds of abuses and is moderating a whatsapp group for victims of satanic abuses. Members get their experiences reflected by other people who went through the same traumatic experiences. This is hugely healing. Her healing through therapy, writing, yoga, meditation is an inspiring living proof of the resiliency and infinite creative power of the human spirit. She leaves every one of us a powerful message for personal and global healing. Her voice is necessary to shed more light on the agenda of normalizing child sexual abuse and to raise awareness.

After a 20-year personal yoga practice and five years of teaching, Anneke Lucas became drawn to work with the incarcerated in 2010 and started to volunteer at Bayview Correctional in New York. In 2011, she started creating programs in different facilities, bringing along yoga teachers, social workers and psychologists, training them to apply the specific trauma conscious approach. In 2014, she funded Liberation Prison Yoga, a non-profit organization with a mission to serve prisons and jails, bringing trauma-conscious yoga programs to incarcerated women, men, youth, staff and those whose lives are affected by incarceration; to train yoga instructors to work inside the prison system; and to educate the public about trauma-conscious yoga. Liberation Prison Yoga programs may also include discussion, free-flow writing or other healing modalities. In creating programs for the underserved, Anneke developed the Unconditional Model, a way to effectively share any healing modality. The model focuses on providers to be unconditionally present for their clients, students or participants by using awareness of power dynamics to help reverse trauma. Anneke is currently working on a book about the Unconditional Model.” – from lovemadevisible

Anneke Lucas has transmuted a big amount of the violent trauma she has experienced in her young years to give birth to a contribution which focuses on the root of the problem, healing one person, one inmate, at the time. A lot of jailed women have a history in sex traffic. There is no peer support group for survivors of sex trafficking in New York City. At Rikers Island, Anneke Lucas created one with survivors and ran it from 2015-2016 : « female victims of sex trafficking often end up in jail, too scared or attached to give up their pimp. This time of incarceration, away from their life, away from their pimp, can offer a unique opportunity for healing. » The project TESSA (Transformation and Empowerment for Survivors: From Shame to Awareness) has 2 first phases: create the pilot and provide paid training for 20 survivors of sex trafficking : « when survivors are holding the space for each other, it has a profound impact. When I ran this group, women were able to identify themselves as victims, leave their pimps, enter protective programs, and stop using to be present for the pain behind the urge. Right from the start of each group, during the reading of the definition of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking, survivors recognized themselves. Emotions surfaced. Hearing others in various stages of healing automatically brings awareness to one’s own innocence. » In addition, yoga can have a profound impact in the path of healing trauma. It has little to do with asanas, it’s more about the complete deeper dive it allows and the process of embodiment. This is the way for a paradigm shift : it won’t come through politics, it’s coming from the inner work of each and every person.

Share Anneke Lukas’s story, this article and her website. 🌺 Anneke Lucas is on Patreon where her blog creations can be supported by a 6-dollar donation. Donations are also welcomed for the TESSA project (Transformation and Empowerment for Survivors: From Shame to Awareness).

Liberation Prison Yoga, Anneke Lucas’ project in New York

In this short documentary, we have a glimpse at Anneke Lucas’ life in New York and how she introduced a practice of yoga and meditation in prisons. By working in this kind of environment and constantly dealing with perpetrators of violence, it is part of her healing that Anneke is still working on, while making a compassionate contribution in return; her ultimate goal being arriving at an understanding of the furthest soul fragmentation in all beings.






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