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Tapping into raw authenticity and overcoming shadow projections over viral video with Adapia D’Errico

The day I discovered a part of Adapia D’Errico’s starlight and story, I had goosebumps witnessing her sharing her path with raw authenticity: « My story healed me. Our stories heal us. We can all learn from our own, and each others’ experiences. I’m deeply devoted to my personal transformation and self-actualization. I’ve seen the truth and dismantled many lies. I’ve been to the depths of despair, to the brink of my sanity, and to the edge of my ego. Then, I jumped off that cliff, and landed into the limitless ocean of my soul; deep into the territory of my spiritual nature. »

Adapia’s path

Through her work, writings, videos and podcasts, Adapia is reflecting on her old programming, personal story and golden life lessons: « I thought wealth was the highest number in my bank accounts and health was the lowest number on the scale. Both thoughts were full of limiting beliefs and biases, constrictive conditioning and judgments, and false paradigms built on the need for external validation and constructing an acceptable identity. »

Adapia is an entrepreneur with a background in finance, technology and real estate. She has started companies, developed brands and launched others’ careers. Since 2013, she has explored and experienced the power of reconnecting to her Inner Self through the study and application of various philosophies, practices and tools: « I am humbled by the complexity of what we are, what we are capable of, and how much we can truly empower ourselves and master our lives by mastering subtle skills of energy, intuition and embodiment and the not-so-subtle skills of self-inquiry, shadow work and working with the psyche. The ego is small, limited, afraid. The Soul is boundless, vibrant and whole. » She overcame multiple health issues including a chronic autoimmune disorder, eating disorders, sudden hearing loss and hormonal issues (peri-menopause at 24) that affected her physically, psychologically and emotionally.

She is dedicated to a path of integrity: « the illusion disempowers us into a perpetual victim state where we negotiate our integrity for empty promises of validation and worth. Through a lot of trial and error, I discovered and developed my own practices of self-discovery (inquiry, reflection, contemplation and right action). Some of the most important decisions I made were completely internal – they didn’t require a breakup, a job-change or a physical move. When my heart speaks, all the intellectualizing takes a back seat. » As she is rising to materialise her unique vision, she is sending encouraging signals for others to dig deeper and materialise theirs. I, too, am devoted to serve and create with raw authenticity and non merchantable integrity. It is not an option to prostitute my Truth.

Coping with criticism and attacks on her character

In a 20-minute video, Adapia was addressing how after years of lying to herself, she realised she wasn’t aligned with her inner truth. She found herself trapped in expectations, the fear of judgment and shame, following her head instead of her heart (see full video below).

The story was edited to a 5-minute version that went viral (in our society attention spam being very short), with hundreds of thousands of shares and comments. Some of these comments were attacking her personally. Adapia explains how this initiation made her grow from a naive mindset to a more integrated knowledge about the rules of public exposure: « I never imagined I would receive criticisms. If my intention was good, why would people hate me ? What had I done to anyone? Why were they attacking me? Why were they making wild assumptions? Why were they blaming me? Why were they taking things out of context?! Why was I being misunderstood? » She shares how she worked on dismantling the belief that the world was just a reflection of how she was inside. She faced the world as it actually is, including the overwhelming presence of shadow projections. There is an inevitable backslash of negativity that comes with exposing ourselves out there as a public figure, sharing opinions on the public ground that are exposed to all kinds of projections. Being exposed comes with curses and blessings. In addition, while she let someone else do the editing of this short version, she learned the hard way that it was important to keep creative control over her own work.

Find Adapia’s writing on and her podcasts Real Wealth Real Health on Anchor. She also shares on Instagram.





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